Austin Bamboo Maintenance and Removal

Whether you have aggressive running bamboo or thick clumping bamboo, the key to keeping it under control is regular, seasonal, maintenance. After a few years of neglect it becomes a big, overwhelming, mess! That’s where we can help.

The first option is that we can thin it out to the point where the space is usable and looks good. Removing the dead and scrawny poles an leaving the big ones is more efficient for the bamboo and makes runners less aggressive. This is the cheapest option at $1.20/square foot for most groves of running bamboo. Due to the increased density (number of poles per square foot), clumping bamboo and runners that are in pots orenclosed beds are usually at least double that.

Of course clear cutting is an option at $1.50/sq. ft. for most running bamboo groves.

It will just start growing back, in mass, withing a few weeks. The new growth is soft and you can mow it once every week or two. If you can keep it all mowed the roots should starve in about three to six months, but if it’s on the neighbor’s side too it has a continuing source of nutrients through the connected root system.

In order to separate that connection, keep the neighbor’s bamboo out of your yard, or keep your bamboo out of your neighbors’ yards, it’s important to dig a trench about a foot deep near the fence line ($6.00/linear foot). This can be left open so you can lop off incoming runners, or filled with sand/gravel like a french drain; cutting the runners with a drain spade/sharp-shooter shovel as they push through. For a little more (+$4.00 = $10.00/foot) we can install a thick (30+ mil/ 0.030 inch) plastic barrier at an angle and bury it to act like a valve, pushing incoming runners to the surface where they can be cut.

Of course if you can’t handle mowing or are just in a hurry, we can dig up and pull the runners out by hand. At $3.60/sq. ft. for runners and $7.20/sq. ft. for clumpers or enclosed beds that have grown dense/thick, this isn’t recommended for large areas of bamboo.

If you get behind on maintenance during the Spring (4 times/month) or Fall (2 times/month) we can help out with that for $30/man*hour.


Fill out and send the contact form below so we can contact you, and then you can scroll down to see the services we don’t offer and why.

Things we don’t offer:

  • RoundUp treatment: RoundUp, or Glyphosate for the chemical name, is a broad spectrum defoliant in the class of Agent Orange.Diluting it and watering it in can kill bamboo with three applications spaced out over 3-6 months. Unfortunately it is a hormone disruptor and listed as a likely carcinogen, and it can get into the ground water, so we don’t use it.
  • Trenching machines, and other digging machines that are small enough to use in someone’s back yard, aren’t much more efficient than a pick, axe, sledge, and shovel in tough soil and pose a bigger threat to utilities and Treaty Oak size trees, so we usually don’t use them.
  • A water feature or moat can be used as a bamboo barrier since bamboo roots don’t like marshy areas. We can dig the trench for it, but waterproofing and water circulation systems are outside of our field.