Austin Bamboo Fencing and Building

Below you’ll find pictures and base prices for some of the projects we’ve done before.  As of 1/1/2021 the man*hour rate is $45.

Take a look and get some ideas. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a contact form where you can send us the job request or you can reach us at

A simple bamboo gate. $12.60/square foot.

Basic bamboo vertical fence: $9/square foot.

Split overlapping bamboo fence: $20/square foot.

Bamboo Lattice 1 pole/foot $3.60/sq. ft.

Bamboo Lattice 6 poles/foot $15/sq. ft.

Overlapped Bamboo roofing: $20/square foot.

Watershed Pole Roofing: $30/sq. ft.

Overlapped Thatch Roofing: $7/sq. ft.

Non Overlapped Thatch: $3/sq.ft.

Solid Lashed Panel: $45/foot of lashing

Bamboo Glass (split bamboo sandwiched with clear epoxy between layers of polycarbonate): $90/sq. ft.

Anchoring Posts with Cement/Mortar:

Bamboo: $15

2″x4″‘s: $20

4″x4″‘s: $25


Lashed: $3.75/joint

Pegged & lashed: $7.50/joint

Mortised: $15/joint

General: $45/man*hour