Be a Bamboo Pro Ninja!

Basically, it’s a person with ninja-like bamboo skills (Take Ton Jutsu竹遁術) at a level that can be called “Pro”.

Technically, bamboo is a type of grass, so this falls within grass and herb skills (Kusa Ton Jutsu草遁術). Some of them grow in clumps like pampas grass, others sleep; creep; and leap aggressively expanding through underground runners.

Bamboo is also a woody material that can be carved as is or made into plywood or paper, so this also falls into woodworking or carpentry(Moku Ton Jutsu木遁術). It can be burned and makes some of the best charcoal for carbon filters and many other applications.

Aside from making tea out of the leaves and shavings from bamboo, the branches can be bundled as thatch, or used ornamentally. They are also a natural deodorizer with a subtle scent. Turning bamboo fiber into chord that can tie and bind does take considerably more preparation than other grasses, but it can be done.

For cutting and drilling, there are some special considerations with bamboo. It’s important to use poles that are within the right age range to make something that lasts. Other than that, carving it is a challenge of sensitivity and sharp tools, lashing it is easy, and there’s still bending/shaping and treating it to consider.

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